Alisa P Designs

Alisa P Designs specializes in making something special just for you.  You won't be caught wearing the same thing as your friend.  Each piece is custom made, by hand using precious metal clay.  This medium allows for a ton of flexibility and customization that results in 99.9% pure silver piece of jewelry. Fine silver doesn't tarnish and is easy to care for.  

Most designs are a result of a customer request or something that we think would be a fun, wearable piece of jewelry.  No mass production here.  There are plenty of options to choose from but we love hearing what you would like and creating it for you.  

Alisa P Designs' studio is located in historic Downtown Littleton, CO right on main street.  The studio offers class space, working studio and showroom to browse for ready-made items and see samples of custom pieces and options.  Many items not available on the website can be seen at the studio location.   Showroom is by appointment only, located at 2579 W. Main St #203. 

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