How long will my order take?

Because each piece is custom made in several steps, please allow two weeks from the time you place your order to shipment.   Contact us if specific date is required and we will try to accomodate.  Holidays including mother's day and Christmas are especially busy.  Please plan for a longer turn-around and expedited orders are rare.  For Christmas delivery please note that 2 week + shipping = order by Dec 5!!!!

I like something about one piece and something else about another, can you help? 

Sure.  Once again, everything is custom made and we love to make something just for you!  Just ask.  

Are other fonts available?

Sure!  Any common wordprocessing font is possible (word, pages) or specialized fonts you send for a small charge.  Just let us know what you would like.

What is Fine silver? 

Fine silver is 99.9% pure silver - no alloys. The advantage is that fine silver does not tarnish!

How do I care for my piece? 

Although fine silver does not tarnish, if your piece is kept near sterling or other metals, it may darken a bit. Simply rub with a jewelry polishing cloth and it will be as good as new. Fine silver is a bit softer than sterling so take care when storing your piece to avoid scratches.

How do I know what length chain? 

The chart shows some common necklace lengths - some styles will have a recommended lenght but it depends on how you like to wear your necklaces.  The most common length for many styles is 18".  

What chain choices are available? 

The picture shows the three common chain styles used.  From the top they are "twisted", "rolo" and "small ball".  These options are availble when you order your necklace.  

Handprint, footprint or fingerprint? 

You can upload an image when you order or make a note that you will email or mail a print. Dark color prints work best. Send several and we will pick the best ones. Just be sure to clearly mark them if you are sending prints from more than one child. For fingerprints, press down lightly to get the clearest print. Dark ink is the best- if you can't see the lines from the print, it won't show up on the silver. Sometimes fingerprints take time to develop. Ink prints from young children (under 1) sometimes don't show up - sometimes they are great. Every child is different.


How does the referral program work? 

Easy. Tell a friend to check out the website. When placing their order, there is a place to put your name. Once they do, you will get a code for $20 off a $100 purchase!!! No punch cards, loyalty cards, points. Just $20 off!


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